Friday, March 28, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane


With a few days to go, Paul and I are relaxing (yes really!) and re-reading many of the "to do" notes for Morocco we made months ago. After all, we first starting planning this 2 month trip over 8 months ago. 

We left time in the packing dilemma (I'm reluctant to call it drama-you know me) to explore doing a travel blog and how that would work-so this is practice. Gotta figure out how to upload a photo now. 

How can you tell this is not my suitcase? Hint: it's right in front. Even Paul got it right away!

So we hope to drop a line and a few pictures as we go. Really it's so we don't forget too. 

Buoni Viaggi

Paul and Paula


  1. I'll be happy to follow your adventures!

  2. Just like Webster's dictionary, you'r Morocco bound!


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