Friday, July 15, 2016

We're OK

This is a quick one: we're perfectly fine.

It was with considerable dismay and sadness that we heard this morning of the terrorist attack in Nice that killed 80. Disturbing and upsetting as this is, we are not directly affected,

While both Montpellier and Nice are in the South of France, Nice is to the east, near the Italian boarder. Montpellier is 200 miles west of there, close to Spain.

We will continue with our plan, which is to dive to the city of Bordeaux, on the Atlantic seaboard (west coast of France; about half-way up). After a few days there, we will continue north to Brittany. At the end of the month of July we'll take a ferry to the south coast of England, where we will travel for August.

I hope to write more fully about our own Bastille Day in Montpellier later. Now, though, I don't have the time, nor the spirit. In a few hours we will be leaving a place we have come to love, leaving a few good friends we've made, and leaving with many, many great memories (and no shortage of photos!).

Today our main fears, as with all road trips, are crazy drivers and unsafe roads. These, I feel, are realistic fears, and ones we can do something about.

So we say au revoir to Montpellier, and with this perfect French expression we are not saying goodbye, we are saying "see you again."

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